Private Helicopter Charters

Come, experience our bespoke helicopter charter service.
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Uber luxury end-to-end!

Dubai Helipark - offers the ultimate in luxury air travel. With close proximity to the private jet terminal, Dubai Helipark offers unmatched logistics possibilities for the elite traveller to connect any part of Dubai or UAE from the comfort of a helicopter. Saving time, yet extending the arrival in an exclusive manner.

Customized Sightseeing Helicopter Tours & Transfers

Air Chateau can custom create an unique flight path for the elite traveler across the length and breadth of UAE. Be it to spot your fav landmark or scout your next real estate condo, or have a leisure flight over the enchanting hajjar mountains, our team of seasoned pilots can provide you a bespoke journey plan. Our seasoned pilots also ensure our elite traveler is provided a smooth last mile transfer, to his destination of choice.