Aerial Operations

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At Air Chateau we provide end-to-end support for renowned film makers, ad film makers to effortlessly shoot in UAE. Our team of professionals extend services to procure Dubai film and tv commission permits, plan and scout right locations, offer trained pilots who can winch and undertake challenging stunt sequences and even help a production house plan the entire shoot seamlessly in the UAE.

Aerial Operations (Industry-based Services)

1. Offshore Transportation

Air Chateau's aviation professionals specialize in seamlessly transporting personnel and equipment to remote offshore locations with a focus on efficiency, safety, and tailored solutions.

Our experienced helicopter pilots have extensive international Oil & Gas work experience, including the UAE and other countries, and are well-versed in operating day and night shifts.

2. Aerial External Cargo & Precision Lifting

Our highly experienced pilots are collective leaders in helicopter aerial lifting services. They bring a wealth of expertise to every project, supporting the construction and energy industries, brand activations, and marketing campaigns.

When it comes to Aerial Lifting, precision, safety, and efficiency are paramount. Our team possesses the technical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to execute complex cargo operations flawlessly.

Some of the significant sectors where our team can lend their services include:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilators, and Air Conditioning Units)
  • Construction Industry Support: General Material Transportation & Power and Energy Lifting

3. Aerial Advertising

Air Chateau's aviation professionals are leading experts in aerial advertising operations. With a focus on seamless execution, our team specializes in aerial advertising and aerial product display activations.

Some of the significant areas where our team can lend their services include:

  • Aerial Advertising
  • Aerial Product Display Activations

4. Aerial Photography & Filming

Air Chateau's pilots specialize in helicopter aerial filming, capturing stunning visuals from above, both day and night. With extensive experience, they adapt to diverse environments, delivering exceptional results every time.

5. Aerial Surveying

Despite the convenience and cost-effectiveness of drones, helicopters remain the primary platform for long-range and unprepared site surveys. Air Chateau’s team offers various types of aerial surveys, including Marine Aerial Surveys, Onshore Surveys, and Real Estate Surveys.

In Dubai, Real Estate companies are enhancing their service offerings by utilizing property aerial surveying to showcase properties to potential clients.

6. Air Ambulance/IFT (Interfacility Transfers)

Emergency Medical transportation services in the UAE have become one of the most critical applications for helicopters. Their ability to access remote or inaccessible locations quickly allows for swift transport of patients to medical facilities.

Interfacility medical transfers are essential to ensure patients are relocated to the proper specialized facility within the country or overseas, improving survival rates and timely attention to the patient.