UAE’s Ultra-Premium Last Mile Helicopter service provider…

Air Chateau is the first and only Private Helicopter Operator Company based in Dubai, having its Heliport & VIP Lounge Terminal at the land side of Dubai World Central (DWC) Al Maktoum International Airport – Dubai Helipark. Air Chateau offers 360° services including, Helipads, Maintenance, Ground Handling, Fueling and Trading, built and operated for the Dubai community. Besides offering service to the FBOs, Air Chateau's premium offering will spread across any UHNWI members seeking to use the Helicopter services for Dubai city tours, bespoke aerial tours, filming/photography tours, real estate scouting as well as custom trips, offering first in class ultra-premium last mile services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as a leader within the helicopter industry in the UAE. We will strive to provide innovative luxury transfers with nationwide helicopter connectivity. We will prioritize safety and professionalism to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks. Our aim is to redefine helicopter services across UAE, often to deliver an unmatched experience. Our pioneering Heliport Hub Network will connect the seven Emirates seamlessly, providing UHNWIs with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Our Mission

Our mission at Air Chateau is to organically scale our operations to ensure ease of air accessibility and affordability. By creating a nationwide network of heliports, modern fleet of helicopters and affordable tariffs will be our approach to scale the usage of helicopter services and make UAE easily accessible both for leisure, extreme sport, emergency or business purposes.

Profound Patronage

Air Chateau is proud to take wings under the patronage of MBRAH, Dubai Government’s ambitious US$4.63 billion project. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub by Dubai South and home to leading aviation names, lent adequate infrastructure and organizational support for Air Chateau to establish a full-fledged helicopter eco-system, a much-needed foundation to help build the future of Advanced Air Mobility in the UAE.